Beyond These Shores

Are we to believe this world, the existence is all there is; wouldn't this be quite a foolhardy thought; as we look at the wonder around us we should begin to realize that this life, and all we hold dear in it, is just a passing phase in our existence, for we are indeed immortal.

Yet with a persistent searching of our mind we do come to realize in time that there is indeed more than this, beyond this existence, this conciousness, this reality, beyond this physical dimension there is everything, immortality, eternal life.

Our reality is indeed a figment of our imagination, both in this life and the next, we create what we believe, then believe in what we have created; we give things life though our desires and imagination, then fortify them by our attachments and longing. Once our focus and desire for things in our life wanes then they disappear, sometimes without us even noticing it; othertimes we disguard things, throwing them away or passing them onto others.

We are all gardeners in a way, we plant things in the form of thought, then with attention and care, they grow into what we desire, then take on form in our reality. We are the Gods that walk the earth, we are indeed the creators of our own true reality.

The Concepts

Upon the shores of time we linger, until time for us is again no more.

Main Points

• There is more than this.
• Life is just a passing phase.


• Our reality is a figment of our imagination.

• We are Gods, for we are the creator of our own reality