The Essence of Beliefs

The Essense of Beliefs

Your beliefs are the driving force of your reality, as you perceive it; what you believe is what you come to conceive. It is, of course, true that there is no limit on what you can do, what you can have; yet to begin to understand, know fully, then believe this is the main point. Most of your beliefs are external, based upon things that you have seen or heard or have been exposed to during your life to now. In many cases, you believe what you are taught to believe by society, by the ones you know and others that you don’t, the media, movies, books, etc. Basically what you have been indoctrinated or brainwashed into accepting as your beliefs, when in fact they are belonging to someone else. Mostly these implanted beliefs are aimed by other to have control over you, therefore having you think and behave in set ways. Your beliefs govern what you do, including who you are.

It makes more sense for your beliefs to come from within you rather than for external sources. Even though you can be selective about the beliefs you obtained externally, the selection of beliefs also comes from your conditioning over the years too. You should accept beliefs that only stand up to being scrutinized through carefully considering them both from a logical as well as spiritual, gut feeling or intuitive perspectives. 

By searching your deepest thoughts, your soul-searching, you can start to rebuild your belief system more accurately. Never be concerned about scrutinizing or questioning even the most sacred beliefs of your society; for if they can’t stand up to this in-depth evaluation then drop, give up, reevaluate or modify that belief. Perspective also has a lot to do with belief, as two people can perceive something in entirely different ways, each believing the other has some different view. So, a different perspective can change a belief system also.

The beliefs you find within yourself, what feel exactly right and true are the only beliefs you should consider and entertain. Beliefs are delicate and fragile things, they come and go like the changing seasons of your life. But beliefs should equal truth, the truth that has substance not only in reality but also throughout eternity; you will know these by your inner senses, deep thought and feelings; then you will know what is right and what is wrong. 

Never be afraid to abandon, to completely throw out from your consciousness any belief that can’t withstand close scrutiny, those beliefs that don’t feel right, and the ones that don’t have any place in your reality. It is never too late to start anew, to start over, to completely rebuild your belief system from the start. Only accept those beliefs that feel right to you, that make sense when you scrutiny them closely.

Life's Guiding Lights

Life's Guiding Lights

There is always a guiding light in your life if only you open your minds to this fact. Many people are so consumed with the mundane things of life that these tend to dominate every waking hour that they overlook the most important aspect of their lives, that is their life's purpose - why they were born. We all have eyes, yet many are blind; we have ears, yet many are deaf; we have senses, yet many can't feel or sense the most important things that truly count; that is unless the mind is open to the endless possibilities that exist in life; open your minds to the guiding light that always shines within you.

If you pay attention to those subtle intuitive messages that dance around your brain, give them credence, pay attention to them, then they will grow in intensity, bringing you answers to questions some of which have yet to be conceived. Many dismiss those communications that are intuitive, focusing instead upon the cares and issue of the day, which drown out the most important signals that come through to guide or give comfort.

Every single thing that happens has a purpose and meaning, it is your own decision whether you seek those purposes and meanings; the answers are there if you just ask, then pay attention as the answers will surely come when the time is right. If you don't pay attention to your inner self-inspirational thoughts of wisdom to guide your life then, in fact, you are just literally throwing dice, your life becomes a game of chance, a pure uncontrollable gamble. If you don't pay attention and take care then your life will run out of control, potentially without you even noticing it.

Light is knowledge, and knowledge will always light the way for you no matter what the endeavor you may challenge; this knowledge is always available to you in a timely fashion if only you pay attention and look out for it. Life wasn't meant to be difficult, it wasn't meant to be a challenge; life was meant to be a joy your dance with a mortal concept called time. While you feel sometimes like you are swimming up a river in the darkness, then it is time to simply look inside yourself for the meaning of what is happening, seeking the answer that will guide you towards the best solutions, eliminating darkness and bringing a wonderous light into your life.

Beyond These Shores

Beyond These Shores

Are you to believe this world, the existence is all there is; wouldn't this be quite a foolhardy thought; as you look at the wonder around shouldn’t you begin to realize that this life and all you hold dear in it is just a passing phase in your existence, for you are indeed immortal.

Yet with a persistent searching of your mind, you do come to realize in time that there is indeed more than this, beyond this existence, this consciousness, this reality, beyond this physical dimension there is everything, immortality, eternal life.

Your reality is indeed a figment of your imagination, both in this life and the next you create what you believe, then come to believe in what you have created; you give things life through your desires and imagination, then fortify them by your attachments and longing. Once your focus and desire for things in your life wanes then they disappear, sometimes without you even noticing it; other times you discard things, throwing them away or passing them onto others. We are all gardeners in a way, we plant things in the form of thought, then with attention and care, they grow into what we desire, then take on form in our reality. We are the creators that walk the earth, we are indeed the creators of our own true reality.

The Path You Follow

The Path You Follow

When nothing is going really as you thought it would, when there are many obstacles in your way, then you can be sure you have strayed from your true life course, from your Life Path. What you planned to do, your purpose for this life, its meaning, its essence, this is your Life Path. If you are far off course, which is easy to happen if you don't pay attention, then you will find your life is full of barriers to many things not going smoothly. This is one pointer to know you are off your correct course, the path you set for yourself.

Life is often referred to as a long road, or journey, these terms, of course, are referring to your Life Path. If you have too many minus issues in your life, too many things causing you distress, then you can be fairly sure you have deviated off your Life Path, the severity of the negative things happening in your life will tell you how far you have veered off your true and correct course. It is through soul-searching, deep meditative thought, that the answers will come through about your true purpose in life, your Life Path. Then it is just a matter of following your intuition, those subtle messages that echo in your thoughts in order to get your life back on track, back to your true purpose and goal, your Life Path.

It is imperative that you find peace and contentment in this life, as well as a sense of reason for what you experience. Life was never meant to be arduous or difficult, it is yourself as well as with the impact on you from others that make it so. Yet, you really don't need to accept an unsatisfactory life; when you continually strive to obtain the life that you desire through your beliefs and desires put into actions then it is only a matter of time and energy before what you seek becomes yours. The time it takes to change yourself, your life, your environment, everything, is solely up to your capacity to dream and imagine; the desire you have if focused and continuous will ensure that what you want comes into your life; it is all based on the strength and focus of your beliefs.

The Path of your life can be long and winding, arduous with much pain and sadness; or it can be a wondrous and joyous journey, filled with love, all the things your heart truly desires and needs, it is all up to your belief and desires - what you decide you need or want, condensed into your goals. The most important point is to never have any regrets, that is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Make as many wonderful memories as possible, that you can treasure for an eternity.

You are a free spirit

You are a free spirit

Many people, perhaps most, are so wound up with the cares of the day that they pay very little attention if any at all to their intuition, to their inner feelings and their sixth senses. Continual ignoring of these inner thoughts leads to these abilities not being dominant, or in some cases just ignored leading to them becoming completely dormant. You must work to pay attention to these inner thoughts, or intuitions, or messages that come to you; this is true especially in a time of trouble or instability in your life when those intuitions will guide you to some solution if you simply just pay close attention to them.

Yet what are you to believe, are those voices from within you, or are they in fact from spirit guides, messages from the general consciousness, or a combination of both. Your ability to accept these messages will be governed solely by your beliefs, your willingness to open up to all possibilities, overcoming all the conditioning you have been subjected to as to what you should and shouldn’t consider and believe.

You are a free spirit and can believe whatever you want, you can create your reality from your thoughts and desires. You can indeed communicate with others through verbal and audible means, but also can communicate with others, as well as the general spirit consciousness, through mentally non-verbal thoughts.

By continual effort to communicate subliminally, through thought, with your spirit guides and the general consciousness gradually a strong connection will begin to form and exist, getting stronger the more that you develop and utilize these abilities until they finally become second nature.

Communication is a joy to the spirit, you should never be an island, for if you are, you will wither and die mentally, emotionally, and your physical self will start to be impacted in unpredictable ways. You are basically a creature of the mind, you are more mentally oriented than physically, but the ways of life tend to put more emphasis on the physical growth and well being rather than on mental, spiritual, development, and care.

Always be open to communicate with others at any time, both mortal and spiritual, either verbally or through non-verbal, mental, communication.

You are a free spirit and
can believe whatever you want

Many people, perhaps most are so wound up with the cares of the day that they pay very little attention if any at all to their intuition, to their inner feelings and their sixth senses.

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